If not you are probably not Serbian but you can still enjoy the taste of Serbian BBQ.

The best place to do that is during famous Grill Festival in Leskovac at the beginning of September. During the event, the main boulevard is closed for traffic, night and day for five days, and all long the way there are grill-stands constructed, to create many temporary restaurants.

The thing for which Leskovac is famous for is Leskovac grilled meat, made from special beef and spices mixture. The original recipe is kept secret, and still hasn’t left the city.

Leskovac barbecue has been prepared the same way for the last half of the century and it is made of pure beef. It is very important to let the meat stand for 48 hours, after which it should be seasoned with salt and left for another 24 hours before it’s ready for the grill.

Even if the secret has not left the city, the Serbs across the country know how to do excellent BBQ. Usually on the grill, you can see chickens, lots and lots of pork neck, at least a kilo of cevapi (finger-sized sausage), and the traditional Serbian BBQ sausage.

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