At the World BBQ Association AGM in Gothenburg, Sweden, held during the very successful WBQA World BBQ Championships 2015, the WBQA Country Members’ Presidents unanimously re-elected Mr. Patrick O’Sullivan from Ireland as President of the world organisation.

Patrick O’Sullivan was elected for a period of three years, and set out his main objectives for 2016 and further:

  1. To increase country membership
  2. To provide more training seminars for Judges
  3. To provide more Train the Trainer programmes.

The world organisation presently has trainers in fourteen countries who are sanctioned by the WBQA to train Judges and Table Managers, and Patrick wants to increase this by 100%.

Also, tenders are in place to select the country venue for the next WBQA European BBQ Championships 2016, and subsequent WBQA World BBQ Championships.

The President stated that he would actively support each country member to grow their association, increase their team base, and increase their number of country Judges.

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