OFFICE MANAGER (Netherlands)Ms Noor Maria Kanaan

    Hello my name is Noor Kanaan and I am an office manager for the WBQA

    Wim contacted me in May and I directly accepted to be part of the BBQ family.

    I have already sent a presentation email in June to all the different team members to get to know me.

    Furthermore, I had the chance to meet them all during the Wold BBQ Championships in Torhout, Belgium.

    As an office manager, I want to shed light on the importance of communication between all the teams and members as well as planning zoom meetings for everyone on the board.

    I look forward to working together with Jimena too,




    PS: As asked, I hereby attach two pictures of me with a small presentation.

    My name is Noor and I am an office manager for the WBQA

    I am Lebanese, Bulgarian, and Brazilian but I currently live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    This mixture of cultures gives me a sense of openness toward new traditions and languages, this is why I enjoy being responsible for the communication in the association.

    I am a second-year student in International Business Administration.

    I can describe myself as a person who loves international relations and business management.

    If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact me


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