Congratulations train the trainer participants.

Congratulations to the fourteen countries who participated in the 1st WBQA Train the Trainer Programme in Son en Breugel, The Netherlands, on 4th & 5th April 2015.Twenty-three participants took part in the programme and were certified and authorised to carry out training programmes for judges in accordance with WBQA rules & regulations.


  • Ken Switzer, MA FWMCS
  • Jaan Habicht, Estonia
  • Mike Thompson, CIV FRCSEJAX
  • Kim Schulz, M.Sc., Ba.LD
  • Tana Shupe, PhB

The certificates were presented by WBQA President Patrick O’Sullivan. The WBQA is proud to have such qualified members who are dedicated to our sport of BBQ. President Patrick also announced that there would be further Train the Trainer programmes leading to judge training classes throughout the various regions of the world. The next Train the Trainer/Judge programme will take place in Sweden in June.

President Patrick congratulated each individual trainer and promised them full support in their endeavours.


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