HAAPI event indeed aims at bringing the world to Africa and taking Africa to the world and more importantly it is an event that we believe should set the trends and standards within the hospitality industry following in the footsteps of many events that are held in Europe, America and Asia which have helped set the standards of food and service at a very high levels. It is also a great networking opportunity, ideas will be shared, new ones will be developed, food and service standards will improve. The result will be improved standards in hospitality and tourism industry in Africa which will in return bench mark us with the rest of the world. When you hear people talk, they mention that Africa is 120 years behind Europe, Asia and America in terms of food & drinks trends, food service, table service and beverage trends. You also often hear statements like this is Africa or may be African time, service doesn’t exist. People are proud and not embarrassed to say those words, for us as Africans with the love of our continent it hurts us and it has led to us taking this initiative of creating an event that we believe shall bring about change. This festival is meant to bridge the gap of service and quality between Africa and the rest of the world and close it fast.

HAAPI Festival is run under the hospices of Culinary Arts Association of South Africa (CAASA) which is a South African non-profitable organisation for the hospitality industry and African Chefs United (ACU) which is an African non-profitable organisation. The event itself is initiated and managed by Technopro Trading Enterprise.

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