World BBQ Academy

In-house LIT Students with WBQA Master Instructor

2017 LIT/WBQA Academy Students

World BBQ Academy:

The WBQA provides comprehensive BBQ Judge training on several levels, and this year on 25th March 2017, opened the World BBQ Academy in Limerick, Ireland, with specially designed training facilities for anyone wishing to learn the art of slow ‘n’ low BBQ cooking from our highly qualified Master Instructors:

  • Student Chefs

  • Qualified Chefs – Master Class

  • BBQ Enthusiasts

  • Competition Team

  • Training

  • Judge Training

  • Table Manager Training

  • Train the Trainer Programme

  • Master Trainer Programme

    – or anyone who just loves to BBQ!

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WBQA Head Office

66 O’Connell Street
Limerick, Ireland

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